Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Xtreme Power® HSC 16200
Cleaning hard surfaces, such as floors and walls, with cleaning tools like mops and brushes can be a difficult task. If the hard surfaces are grimy, stained, dirty, and greasy, it is almost impossible to clean them even with lots of scrubbing and wiping. To effectively tackle such challenging jobs, you must consider using advanced hard surface cleaners with powerful cleaning capabilities such as the XTreme Power® HSC 16200 from Daimer®.These innovative cleaning machines are unmatched when it comes to cleaning a range of porous and non-porous surfaces such as grout, marble, stone, tile, rubber, and concrete.

Hard surface cleaners like the XTreme Power® HSC 16200 combine several cleaning machines in a single unit. This cleaning machine includes:
  • A wall cleaning system with a squeegee wand and removable spinner
  • A sludge extractor featuring a flow rate of 30 GPM
  • A spinning cleaner for hard surfaces equipped with pressure levels of 2000 psi and temperatures of 220ºF
  • A steam pressure washer capable of attaining temperatures of 330ºF, a flow rate of 4 GPM, and pressure levels of 2000 psi

These XTreme Power hard surface cleaners include rubber guards to maintain the water flow under the spinner so no water pressure is lost. In addition, the powerful extraction capabilities make the XTreme Power® HSC 16200 a great choice for cleaning hard floors in walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. These versatile hard surface cleaners can also be used for stripping and eliminating wax buildup on vinyl and VCT floors.

Many exciting models of hard surface cleaners and carpet steam cleaners are available at www.daimer.com.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hard Surface Cleaners
Many types of hard flooring require special hard surface cleaners to maintain the elegance and natural beauty of the floors; these floor surfaces include ceramic tiles, granite, marble, and more. The days of using a mop and bucket with damp towels to clean a hard floor are over. Say goodbye to those backbreaking methods. Today, hard surface cleaning techniques have undergone innovative transformations.

Daimer® supplies a versatile range of original hard surface cleaners that are both powerful and effective. The XTreme Power® HSC 14500 is one such machine that features an exclusive motorized spinning technology. Machines that use water pressure to turn the spinner head result in a loss of up to 500 psi. However, Daimer's hard surface cleaners utilize a motorized spinner that will not result in a loss of pressure. Additionally, with a rubberized guard around the spinner head, water is contained beneath the unit.

As such, the XTreme Power® HSC 14500 is one of the best heated commercial industrial hard surface cleaners. It actually combines Daimer®'s Super Max 9000 pressure washer and the XTreme Power® sludge extractor with a powerful 19" spinner head. This results in commanding and versatile power that can be used for removing dirt, oil, grease, and other stubborn stains from a wide variety of hard surfaces.

The XTreme Power® 14500 is truly a versatile machine. The pressure washer can be used independently, featuring a pressure level of 1500 psi and flow rate of 2.8 GPM. The sludge extractor can be used individually for water damage restoration boasting a powerful 30 GPM dumping capacity. Additionally, with an optional squeegee wand of 9" spinner head, the unit can be used as a wall cleaning system.

If you want to know more about the exclusive technologies in Daimer's hard surface cleaners and other cleaning products log on to www.daimer.com.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hard Surface Cleaning
Cleaning floors, walls, and other hard surfaces can be pretty tough if you do not have the right cleaning machines. This is even more so if these surfaces are dirty, grimy, greasy, or stained. For such heavy-duty tasks, you would need to utilize the cleaning capabilities of powerful hard surface cleaners like the XTreme Power® HSC 16500 PE from Daimer®. Such advanced cleaning machines are ideal for maintaining the cleanliness of different hard surfaces like tile, grout, rubber, concrete and other porous or non-porous surfaces.

Hard surface cleaners such as the XTreme Power® HSC 16500 PE include:

* A sludge extractor with an astounding dumping capacity of 30 GPM
* A wall cleaner system
* A tri-mode pressure cleaner that can attain pressure levels of up to 3000 psi, flow rate of 5 GPM and steam temperatures of up to 330ºF
* A motorized 9” hard surface spinner head that can be used with high wet steam temperatures for cleaning smaller areas. Motorized 19” spinners are available as an added option for cleaning larger surfaces.

Hard surface cleaners like the XTreme Power® HSC 16500 PE can clean and extract simultaneously, leaving no messy puddles behind to clean up later. The extremely hot steam and powerful spinning head of these hard surface cleaners combine to create a strong force that can clean a range of hard surfaces like walkways, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, and concrete surfaces.

To view more versions of hard surfaces cleaners and learn more about how they can enhance cleaning results, visit www.daimer.com.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hard Surface Cleaners
Daimer® offers several types of hard surface cleaners. Some Daimer® hard surface cleaners serve the function of cleaning floorings, walls, and other hard surfaces, while others serve multiple functions like cleaning carpets as well as hard surfaces, or cleaning hard surfaces and extracting the sludge.

The XTreme Power® HSC 14250 is one of the hard surface cleaners offered by Daimer. It is a multi-purpose cleaning machine with a spinner head of19 inches in diameter, which can rotate at the speed of 1000 rpm. There is an option to attach 9-inch spinner head in case the 19 inches is inappropriate, as in cleaning hard to reach areas. This equipment can be used for cold water cleaning, hot water cleaning, and steam cleaning. However, the steam cleaning mode of this machine cannot be operated along with the spinner head. The water can be heated up to 210°F in the hot cleaning mode and 330°F in the steam mode. The use of both heated options is quite effective for dissolving and removing stains and dirt from floors.

One of the distinct features of this model is the sludge extraction function. It can remove sludge at a rapid rate, which makes it ideal for cleaning pools and tanks. This hard floor surface cleaner washes surfaces with pressure levels up to 1000 psi and a flow rate of 2.5 GPM.

The HSC-14250 is one of the best multi-purpose hard surface cleaners with rugged construction. You can get information on this model and other hard surface cleaners by Daimer® at www.daimer.com.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hard Surface Cleaners
Cleaning hard surfaces like floors and walls can be a tiresome and time-consuming task. This is especially true in the case of floors that are extremely dirty with grime, grease and stubborn stains. In such situations, it is important to explore the possibilities offered by new hard surface cleaners, such as the XTreme Power® HSC 14500 from Daimer®.

The XTreme Power® HSC 14500 is great for cleaning a range of surfaces like concrete, tile, grout and lots of other porous and non-porous surfaces. Another positive aspect of these hard surface cleaners is that the motorized cleaning heads optimize productivity and allow you to clean about 30 times faster than other traditional cleaning methods.

The XTreme Power® HSC 14500 is actually an unbelievable combination of several cleaning machines. This versatile hard surface cleaner functions as a sludge extractor, wall cleaning system, steam pressure cleaner and hard surface spinner cleaner. Since the spinner head features a motor of its own, these hard surface cleaners can maintain maximum pressure levels throughout the cleaning session.

Since the XTreme Power® HSC 14500 can accomplish simultaneous cleaning and extraction, there is no watery mess left to clean up later. With steam temperatures of up to 250º F and the powerful spinner head, these hard surface cleaners offer an exceptional cleaning force that can be used on concrete, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, parking lots and other hard surfaces.

To learn more about the XTreme Power® HSC 14500 and to view other exciting versions of hard surface cleaners, visit www.daimer.com.

Friday, September 25, 2009

hard surface cleaners
Handy, portable, and durable floor hard surface cleaners are not very common in the cleaning industry. Most of the devices available on the market today are actually pressure washers with some minor adjustments. While these devices do not pose any problem for cleaning most hard surfaces, they may not be suitable for softer surfaces, as the pressure and flow rate are too high.

The solution is the XTreme Power® HSC 14000, a multi-purpose hard surface cleaner that can clean virtually all floors in any commercial and industrial environment. These hard surface cleaners are yet another innovative product from Daimer®, a prominent distributor of cleaning equipment that has carved out a niche for marketing innovative products.

With a pressure level of 1500 psi, the HSC 14000 can powerfully remove hardened deposits on hard surfaces. But, what makes these hard surface cleaners unique is their use of a patented motorized spinner. Other hard surface cleaners use water pressure to turn the spinner head. This reduces the water pressure actually reaching the hard surface by approximately 500 psi. However, with Daimer’s motorized spinner head, there is no loss in water pressure. Additionally, a rubberized guard ensures that water stays directly under the spinner. And, at 19”, the motorized spinner is great for cleaning large areas. A 9” spinner can be purchased as an additional option, suitable for cleaning smaller areas.

To read more about Daimer’s hard surface cleaners, log on to www.daimer.com.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hard surface cleaners, as their name implies, are used to wipe out dust, dirt, liquid residues, and stain marks from hard surfaces. These devices can be used to clean brick walls, marble, tiled, vinyl, concrete floors, tile, and most hard surfaces you can think of. In the past, commercial and industrial users have opted for water-consuming floor scrubbers. However, this has all changed with Daimer®’s XTreme Power® HSC series of hard surface cleaners, like the XTreme Power® HSC 13000, that clean effectively and efficiently with one-third the amount of water.

This device has many unique features. The most important one is the pressure generated by its cleaning head. It can generate a maximum pressure of 1500 psi. This is remarkable at a time when most of the other hard surface cleaners struggle to reach even a maximum pressure of 1000 psi. At the same point, the unique motorized spinner head ensures that the high pressure levels are maintained by containing the water flow.

The low water consumption is a major feature of this machine. At a rough estimate, it utilizes only about one-third of water than other brands do. This is one of the few hard surface cleaners that can be used for cleaning virtually all hard surfaces: limestone tile, concrete, travertine tile, linoleum, vinyl flooring, stone, marble, rubber floors, grout, tile VCT, even irregular surfaces and more.

You can find more information about hard surface cleaners and other types of cleaners at www.daimer.com.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The XTreme Power HSC ® 16300
When looking for hard surface cleaners for industrial use, there are a few things you . keep in mind. One is that hard surfaces in commercial and industrial areas are subject to tougher dirt deposits and sedimentation; this means that your hard surface cleaners must be strong enough to root out even stubborn and hardened stains. Secondly, these machines should be able to perform more than one function. The XTreme Power HSC® 16300 from Daimer® is such a cleaning machine - in fact, it is several cleaning units all rolled into one.

The XTreme Power HSC® 16300 is a hard surface spinning cleaning machine that uses the extra cleaning power of heat. In fact, it offers heated temperatures of up to 220º F. The machine comes with a special 9” spinner head attachment. For tackling larger areas, a 19” head is also available. These hard surface cleaners can tackle a variety of different surfaces, even porous ones like brick and grout. What’s more, the uses of these hard surface cleaners don’t end there.

The Daimer® XTreme Power HSC® 16300 can also be used as a steam, hot water, or cold water pressure washer and offers pressure levels of around 3000 psi and flow rates of up to 5 GPM. These hard surface cleaners can also be used as a wall cleaning systems and as sludge extractors, since they are capable of a flow rate of around 30 GPM for water damage restoration use. More information about Daimer® cleaning products an be found at www.daimer.com.

Friday, May 29, 2009

When it comes to getting certain surfaces really clean, you need to invest in the right kind of hard surface cleaners. Just like carpets and upholstery have their own unique cleaning problems and needs, so do hard surfaces. In the case of porous surfaces like brick or concrete, dirt, grease and other kinds of deposits can not only adhere to the surface - they can also sink right into the material, as well. This can make things like grease and oil stains especially hard to remove. Ideally, hard surface cleaners should be versatile but durable enough to tackle even the toughest industrial cleaning jobs.

The XTreme Power ® HSC 17300 from Daimer ® can handle a number of different cleaning jobs. It operates as a heated hard surface cleaner, offering a powerful cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains like grease and other industrial deposits. Added to the heat factor is a 19" spinner head for more effective cleaning power. If you’d like to tackle hard surfaces which require a smaller spinner head, a 9" spinner head is also available. These hard surface cleaners are also mobile and work at a temperature of up to 220º F.

These hard surface cleaners can also be used as sludge extractors, steam pressure washers and a wall cleaning system. When operating in steam mode, the machine can reach temperatures of up to 330º F. Read more about this versatile line of cleaning machines and a range of other cleaning products at www.daimer.com.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Multi-Tasking Hard Surface Cleaners
Hard surface cleaners can be very effective in cleaning surfaces like tile, concrete, brick and stone. These surfaces are subject to many dirt deposits, which you do not encounter with carpets. For instance, grime build-up in grout or deep-seated oil stains in concrete and brick, which can be very hard to clean. Hard surface cleaners are especially designed to get right to the root of these stains and clean them completely. Apart from that, they do not damage the surface. But the XTreme Power HSC ® 17800 offers you all of these benefits and much more.

The Daimer® XTreme Power HSC ® 17800 is more than just a line of hard surface cleaner. These machines are also great for commercial wall cleaning, and can come with an optional 9” spinner or squeegee wand for easy cleaning of smaller areas. These machines can also be used for commercial sludge extraction, as well. They can be used as commercial steam pressure washers, since they have a pressure rate of up to 1000 psi and a flow rate of up to 2 GPM. For hard surface cleaners, these machines operate at up to 220º F for truly exceptional spinner cleaning abilities.

These hard surface cleaners are fitted with a 19” spinner tool which makes it perfect for cleaning large areas like sidewalks or driveways. If you’d like to clean smaller areas, you can use the optional 9” spinner head. This makes it a truly versatile cleaning machine. You can learn more about these hard surface cleaners and other cleaning machines by visiting www.daimer.com.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Among all the hard surface cleaners out there, the XTreme Power HSC ® 17500 GE definitely has an advantage over the rest - in fact, it has several advantages. This machine is incredibly versatile and combines the cleaning abilities of a number of different machines in one. It is a Commercial Sludge Extractor, capable of 30 GPM for water damage restoration. The machine is also a Commercial Wall Cleaning System as well as a Commercial Steam Pressure Washer with a pressure rate of up to 3000 psi. Apart from all these, this machine is also a very powerful hot hard surface spinner cleaning machine.

The XTreme Power HSC ® 17500 GE from Daimer® operates using a 19” spinner head which makes it one of the most powerful hard surface cleaners around. The machine is ideal for dealing with dirt, oil and grease deposits on concrete surfaces and areas like driveways and sidewalks. The spinner runs at temperatures of up to 220º F, providing extra cleaning power against even the toughest stains and dirt build-up. These hard surface cleaners also have cold and wet steam options. However, the spinner head cannot be used when the cleaner is in wet steam mode.

These hard surface cleaners are also powered by an 18 HP gasoline engine which means it can be used in places where there is no ready electricity supply. Apart from that, the 19” spinning head can be replaced with a smaller 9” one for cleaning smaller areas. You can learn more about these hard surface cleaners and other cleaning products just by visiting www.daimer.com.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Floor Cleaning Machines
Daimer®’s XTreme Power ® HSC 16800 is one of the most powerful, robust and rugged floor hard surface cleaners. These versatile and multifunctional hard surface cleaners are perfectly suited for industrial use. They encapsulate the functions of the electric triple mode pressure washer, Daimer's Super Max® 12800 mobile and XTreme Power ® XPH 11500SE.

The spinner of these hard surface cleaners can be used with high temperatures up to 210 ºF and is more effective than other spinners. The 9" motorized spinner head rotates at the speed of 1000rpm and throws water at a constant pressure of 1000psi and reaches an exceedingly high rate of flow at 2 GPM. This Daimer® patented 9" motorized spinner head, along with other functions, make this product an attractive and useful purchase.

The unique sludge extractor has vigorous extraction capacity of 30 GPM. This makes it a brilliant machine for flood damage restoration. This machine works as a powerful steam pressure washer, a sludge extractor and a hard surface cleaner.

As hard surface cleaners, these machines are perfectly suited for indoor applications like marble cleaning, stripping and removing wax on VCT, grout and tile cleaning and cleaning floors made of rubber. The XTreme Power ® HSC 16800 hard surface cleaners work equally efficiently on uneven and even surfaces. Their expertise in removing rigid stains gives them an edge over their competitors and makes them the undisputed leaders of the market.
For more information please, visit www.daimer.com.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Floor Cleaning Machines
One theme that is carried throughout many of Daimer®’s cleaning machines is versatility. Some of Daimer®’s most versatile machines are actually the heated hard surface cleaners, as they are actually several machines in one. The XTreme Power ® HSC 17200 is one of Daimer®’s unique heated hard surface cleaners featuring a 19” motorized spinner head for the effective cleaning of larger areas.

The XTreme Power ® HSC 17200 hard surface cleaners are actually comprised of several different machines: the Super Max ® 12200 powerful pressure washer with a flow rate of 4 GPM and pressure of 2000 psi, the XTreme Power ® 11500SE sludge extractor, and the 19” motorized spinner head. The result is one powerful and versatile machine for outdoor hard surface cleaning.

Additionally, the most versatile aspect of these hard surface cleaners lie within their designated applications. The HSC 17200 hard surface cleaners can be used as heated hard surface spinner cleaning machines. With this application, they can reach up to 220 ºF of high temperature cleaning power. A 3’ trigger wand is included to use the functionality of the triple-function pressure washer. In fact, users can choose between hot water, cold water, and steam functions as needed. With an optional squeegee wand, users can turn these heated hard surface cleaners into robust commercial wall cleaning systems. And lastly, with 30 GPM of extraction, the sludge extractor included with these hard surface cleaners offers powerful water damage restoration capabilities.

To read more about the versatility and functionality that make Daimer ® hard surface cleaners and other machines the best in the industry, visit www.daimer.com.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

As Daimer®'s most powerful porous tile floor hard surface cleaners, the XTreme Power ® XPH-5815H offers an astounding pump pressure of 150 psi. This high pressure combined with the versatile 12” four-jet squeegee wand makes the XPH-5815 hard surface cleaners ideal for both home and commercial applications. Users have the option to purchase additional wands for greater functionality. These include a 10” single jet carpet wand, upholstery wand, and stair wand for the cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and stairs, respectively.

The commanding 2-stage motor powering these porous tile floor hard surface cleaners allow these machines to reach high operating temperatures up to 150 ºF in only 15 minutes! Adding to its power, the XTreme Power ® XPH-5815 features a 100” water lift and 100 cfm air flow to achieve powerful cleaning and simultaneous extraction of dirt, grease, grime, and more from porous tile surfaces.

Some of the porous tile surfaces these hard surface cleaners can be used on include limestone, granite, natural stone, travertine, brick, unglazed ceramic tile, concrete, terra cotta, and many more. Users should note that these robust hard surface cleaners are not designed to be used in grout lines.

To learn more about the powerful, simultaneous cleaning and extraction techniques of Daimer®’s porous tile floor hard surface cleaners, visit www.daimer.com.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Xtreme Power ® 11500SE is one of Daimer®’s powerful hard surface cleaners. Unlike other hard surface cleaners on the market, the 11500SE is a powerful water extraction and water damage restoration machine. With powerful extraction capabilities, these hard surface cleaners can handle water, sludge, and debris up to .5” in diameter.

Featuring a powerful 3-stage vacuum motor, the XTreme Power ® 11500SE offers an immense extraction rate of 30 gallons per minute. And with a 10 gallon recovery chamber and 50’ dump hose these hard surface cleaners allow users the ability to continuously remove and extract debris laden sludge and water legally into drains. The continuous extraction of these hard surface cleaners not only adds an ease of disposal but it also greatly speeds up the length of time necessary for full extraction or water damage restoration.

Construction sites, flood damage restoration companies, and other applications can greatly benefit from the extraction power of the XTreme Power ® 11500SE. Whether they need to extract large amounts of water quickly or heavy debris laden sludge, the XTreme Power ® 11500SE hard surface cleaners can handle the job.

With the included 14.5” squeegee wand, users can use these hard surface cleaners for extracting smaller quantities of water or sludge. For added flexibility, users can remove this squeegee wand for larger extraction. To provide users with additional flexibility and the ability to extract over large areas, Daimer ® includes with these XTreme Power ® 11500SE hard surface cleaners a 50’ vacuum hose and a 50’ dump hose.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The XTreme Power® XPH-5810H is one of Daimers hard surface cleaners. The first in Daimer®’s new line of unparalleled porous tile cleaning systems, the XPH-5810H provides uniquely powerful capabilities for cleaning and maintain porous tile surfaces, like brick, terra cotta, concrete, travertine, marble, limestone, granite, unglazed ceramic tile, and more.

With a pump pressure of 100 psi and high temperatures up to 150ºF, other hard surface cleaners cannot compete with the XPH-5810H’s porous tile cleaning capabilities. Designed specifically for cleaning porous tile, the included 12” squeegee wand contains 4 enclosed internal jets. This wand allows for users to clean while simultaneously extracting grease, grime, dirt, and other substances from porous tile.

Other hard surface cleaners in the industry do not offer the cleaning power afforded by the XPH-5810H’s high temperature. And, to make operation even easier, these hard surface cleaners can reach full temperature in only 15 minutes! This allows for quick startup of the most effective hard surface cleaner in the industry.

For even better results, users can pre-spray the area to be cleaned with a cleaning solution. This heightens the cleaning power of these hard surface cleaners. For an environmentally safe and biodegradable cleaning solution, choose Eco-Green ® Multi Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner.

The XTreme Power ® XPH-5810H is the ideal hard surface cleaner for both home and commercial applications requiring the cleaning of a wide variety of porous tile surfaces. Customers should note that these hard surface cleaners are not designed to be used on wood or in grout lines.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The XTreme Power® 11000WDR hard surface cleaners are the most powerful water damage restoration machines in the industry, designed for both commercial and industrial applications. Water damage is unexpected. Storms, floods, hurricanes, and other unforeseen means of water infiltration can damage homes, basements, commercial facilities, industrial facilities, and other buildings. This damage is often hard to reverse. However, with Daimer®’s 11000WDR hard surface cleaners, water damage can be remedied.

The 11000WDR features an 85 gallon per minute dumping capacity and a collection chamber capacity of 20 gallons for the fastest removal of water by hard surface cleaners available. These high capacity hard surface cleaners offer users the ability to either collect water in the collection chamber or to remove water directly into drains at the astounding 85 gpm dumping capacity rate.

These hard surface cleaners are comprised of the highest quality parts, including the heavy-duty fiber composite housing and the durable 14.5” double squeegee wand. For greater mobility, the 11000WDR comes with a 50’ vacuum hose and 50’ dump hose.

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on homes and other facilities. Floods and other forms of water permeation can cause mold growth, rotting of wood, rusting of steel, and more. Therefore, it is important to remedy water damage before it results in these irreversible changes.

Even in the face of harmful flood damage restore the beauty to your homes and other facilities with the XTreme Power® 11000WDR hard surface cleaners.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The XTreme Power® HSC 16200 is a robust hard surface cleaner designed for use in industrial and commercial applications. Unlike other hard surface cleaners, the HSC 16200 is actually four powerful machines in one: a hard surface spinner machine featuring Daimer®’s patented, motorized 9” spinner head, a steam pressure washer, a wall cleaning system, and a sludge extractor.

These hard surface cleaners feature astounding pressure levels up to 2000 psi, higher than most other hard surface cleaners in the industry. But, unlike any other hard surface cleaners, the HSC 16200’s spinner head rotates at a rapid speed of 1000 rpm. The speed, pressure and high flow rate (4 GPM) of the HSC 16200 make it one of the most powerful hard surface cleaners in the industry.

If this wasn’t enough, the pressure washer and sludge extractor can be sued independently for even greater versatility. The HSC 16200 features Daimer®’s Super Max 12200 triple-function pressure washer with the ability to be operated as a hot water, cold water or steam pressure washer. And, the included sludge extractor is actually Daimer®’s XTreme Power® 11500SE sludge extractor. This strong extractor is highly beneficial in water damage restoration.

Many other hard surface cleaners offer limited power for limited applications. But, the XTreme Power® HSC 16200 sets itself apart in its ability to tackle the most difficult applications on virtually any hard surface, including tile and grout, VCT, vinyl floors, rubber floors, stone, marble, and other uneven and even surfaces.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The XTreme Power® HSC 14500 is a distinctive and powerful combination heated hard surface cleaner. As a combination machine, the HSC 14500 is unmatched by other competing floor cleaners in the industry. It brings together Daimer’s exclusive, patented 19” motorized spinner, the Super Max® 9000 tri-function mobile pressure washer and the XTreme Power® 11500SE sludge extractor into one of the most versatile and robust floor cleaners available.

The motorized spinner is capable of reaching 1000 rpm while firing water at hard surfaces at a flow rate of 2.8 GPM. Other floor cleaners with similar capabilities lose a great deal of pressure when the water leaves the system; but the HSC 14500 contains water underneath the spinner to achieve a true pressure of 1500 psi.

While other floor cleaners are meant for one purpose, cleaning floors, the XTreme Power® HSC 14500 is highly unique. It can be used to remove grease, dirt, oil and other substances from virtually all hard outdoor surfaces, like: concrete, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots and more. But the HSC 14500 can do more than standard floor cleaners.

With the optional squeegee wand, the HSC 14500 can act as a highly effective wall cleaning system. With the optional 9” motorized spinner, the HSC 14500 can reach smaller areas that other floor cleaners miss. And, both the Super Max® 9000 and the XTreme Power® 11500SE can be used independently for pressure washing and sludge extraction/water damage restoration, respectively.

Many floor cleaners in the industry provide little versatility. They simply clean floors. But the XTreme Power® 14500 can clean the most challenging surfaces in a variety of applications with its variable use options, making it the ideal machine among floor cleaners available.
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