Friday, May 29, 2009

When it comes to getting certain surfaces really clean, you need to invest in the right kind of hard surface cleaners. Just like carpets and upholstery have their own unique cleaning problems and needs, so do hard surfaces. In the case of porous surfaces like brick or concrete, dirt, grease and other kinds of deposits can not only adhere to the surface - they can also sink right into the material, as well. This can make things like grease and oil stains especially hard to remove. Ideally, hard surface cleaners should be versatile but durable enough to tackle even the toughest industrial cleaning jobs.

The XTreme Power ® HSC 17300 from Daimer ® can handle a number of different cleaning jobs. It operates as a heated hard surface cleaner, offering a powerful cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains like grease and other industrial deposits. Added to the heat factor is a 19" spinner head for more effective cleaning power. If you’d like to tackle hard surfaces which require a smaller spinner head, a 9" spinner head is also available. These hard surface cleaners are also mobile and work at a temperature of up to 220º F.

These hard surface cleaners can also be used as sludge extractors, steam pressure washers and a wall cleaning system. When operating in steam mode, the machine can reach temperatures of up to 330º F. Read more about this versatile line of cleaning machines and a range of other cleaning products at
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