Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tile Floor Cleaner
The growing preference for tile and grout floors has inevitably led to an increasing demand for tiled floor cleaner machines. With regular and proper maintenance, tiles can continue to gleam like new for years. However, if you still utilize traditional cleaning techniques, it can be difficult to eliminate tough stains and grime from the floors. This is especially true in the case of grout, since it is a very porous surface. For this reason, it makes sense to switch to advanced cleaning techniques, such as using steam wash systems.

The power of steam helps accomplish better results, as compared to traditional scrubbing and mopping methods. Hot steam does a great job of dissolving the most stubborn deposits accumulated on tiled floors. Steam also penetrates into the grout to help eliminate grime and other deposits from deep within. For this reason, cleaning experts always recommend purchasing steam-based tiled floor cleaner systems for unmatched cleaning results.

The KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S, available from Daimer®, is a ruggedly-built, commercial-grade tiled floor cleaner capable of generating pressure levels of as much as 75 PSI and temperatures of up to 310°F. To withstand rough use over the years, this tiled floor cleaner comes with stainless steel housing. The machine is equally solid on the inside, thanks to its heavy-duty, stainless steel boiler.

To effectively clean tight spaces, nooks, and edges of tile floors, the KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S features an assortment of brushes and other accessories, which include a large floor brush with microfiber towels for steam mopping. This enables users to switch between various cleaning jobs. Visit to learn more about these tiled floor cleaner machines.
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