Monday, April 7, 2014

There are many types of machines in the market for cleaning kitchen tiles. Some contractors use steam pressure washers, which generate steam temperatures as great as 330°F. These machines come with advanced technologies and high pressures for efficient removal of various types of sticky deposits from different floors, be it stone, linoleum, or sealed hardwood.

However, if you have a kitchen with harder, rougher, larger floors, you may need a different type of cleaning system. Machines fitted with spinner wands and featuring simultaneous extraction are specially made for cleaning floors. These machines are used for cleaning all types of floors, whether constructed of tile, granite, marble, concrete, or rubber.

They are equally suitable for cleaning polished, smooth floors and rough, uneven floor surfaces. They can clean floors made of porous as well as non-porous material. They are specifically designed to clean large floor areas with heavy accumulation of grime.

Many commercial kitchens are too large to be cleaned using dry vapor cleaners. That is why contractors depend on machines with spinner attachments to generate the pressure levels and friction needed to clean hard surfaces that are very dirty.

The importance of spinner selection

Not every machine with a spinner is right for cleaning floors in commercial areas. You should specifically look for machines with mechanized spinners. The spinners should rotate evenly, with speeds up to 1000 rpm. The faster the rotation, the more friction is generated. This helps in faster dirt removal.

Eliminating runoff

Contractors have depended mostly on vapor steam cleaners for cleaning indoor areas, owing to insufficient drainage. While steam cleaners are excellent for cleaning smooth, nonporous surfaces of relatively moderate dimensions, they are not suitable for unique floor surfaces. The hard floor cleaning machine offers the solution. It has the pressure levels needed to eliminate heavy grime.

It also uses a feature called simultaneous extraction, where the dirty water is extracted into a designated extraction tank as the floor is being cleaned. This eliminates runoff, and makes it easier to clean floors in indoor areas.

This type of kitchen floor cleaning machine may be fitted with wands for cleaning upholstery and for pressure washing. The all-purpose kitchen floor cleaner is great for cleaning all types of floors.
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