Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The XTreme Power® HSC 14250 is one of Daimer’s unique combination heated hard surface floor cleaners that combines a forceful 19” motorized spinner, Daimer’s commanding Super Max® 7000 triple-function pressure washer, the XTreme Power® 11500SE sludge extractor and a strong wall cleaning system.

The 19” motorized spinner is a Daimer patented technology for floor cleaners. At a rapid speed of 1000 rpm, the HSC 14250 can achieve its full pressure of 1000 psi as it contains a rubber guard to contain the flow of water underneath the spinner. Additionally, this powerful spinner is capable of being used with high steam temperatures up to 330º F. Users can purchase the additional 9” spinner for cleaning in smaller areas.

The include pressure washer is capable of achieving a pressure of 1000 psi and flow rate of 2.5 GPM. However, adding to the immense cleaning power of this powerful machine is its ability to reach extreme steam temperatures up to 330º F. This pressure washer can be used individually as a cold water, steam, or hot water pressure washer with the use of the include 3’ trigger wand.

The XTreme Power® 11500SE sludge extractor has a powerful extraction rate of 30 GPM, making it ideal for all sorts of water damage restoration. Unlike other floor cleaners which simply remove marks from hard surfaces, the XTreme Power® HSC 14250 is able to remove debris-laden sludge even containing solids, making it ideal for flood restoration.

While other floor cleaners on the market simply apply water at high speeds, this heated hard surface floor cleaner has the added power afforded by hot water and steam for immense cleaning capabilities. For even more efficient hard surface cleaning, the HSC 14250 comes standard with a 12” wand with squeegee and four internal jets.

Both of the machines included are powered by robust motors. The pressure washer is powered by a 1.5 HP NEMA engine and is propane heated. This powerful heated machine is capable of converting cold water to hot water in only 30 seconds! The extractor is powered by a 3 stage vacuum motor. With the continuous use function and automatic dump, this is one of the only floor cleaners that can provide users with the versatility, functionality, and power for virtually any industrial or commercial hard surface cleaning application.

With a highly powerful, patented 19” motorized spinner and powered by two robust 2-stage motors, the XTreme Power® HSC 14000A is one of the most powerful floor cleaners in the industry. The two motors provide the machine with a 150 inch water lift and 200 cfm air flow, giving the HSC 14000A immense extraction capabilities. This allows for the quick and efficient removal of dirt, grime, grease and other substances from virtually any hard surface, while the 15 gallon recovery tank assists in the removal of runoff that can re-soil already cleaned surfaces. Additionally, the HSC 14000A is capable of continuous extraction.

Unlike other floor cleaners in the industry that are quite noisy. The HSC 14000A is housed in an acoustic case, which lowers the sound output to only 58 decibels. Therefore, this hard surface and floor machine is ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications that require powerful cleaning and extraction, but that have noise limitations, like in healthcare, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and more.

For additional cleaning power, the HSC 14000A supports inlet temperatures as high as 210 ºF. And, while other floor cleaners on the market are limited by their one-function capabilities, this hard surface cleaner is five machines in one. The XTreme Power® HSC 14000A combines an exclusive 19” motorized spinner which fires water at surfaces at an adjustable pressure up to 1500 psi, a powerful carpet extractor with adjustable pressure up to 500 psi, an upholstery cleaning machine with adjustable pressure up to 500 psi, a commercial pressure washer with adjustable pressure to 1500 psi, and a versatile wall cleaning system capable of reaching a pressure of 1500 psi. These five machines in one make the HSC 14000A one of the most powerful, effective and versatile floor machines on the market.

Additionally, while many floor cleaners experience pressure loss as the water output below the spinner is distributed. However, the HSC 14000A’s motorized spinner contains a rubber guard to ensure that the water pressure is contained below the spinner, and that the user has full control over the 1500 psi of pressure. In addition to the rubber guard, the 14000A comes with a 12” 4 internal jet squeegee wand and 25 feet of solution and recovery hoses.

The XTreme Power® HSC 14000 is a combination commercial industrial hard surface floor cleaner. The HSC 14000 combines the technology of five highly powerful machines for the user’s benefit. These machines include Daimer’s patented 19” motorized spinner which rotates at a rapid speed of 1000 rpm and fires water at surfaces at an astounding pressure of 1500 psi, a special carpet extractor, upholstery cleaner machine, pressure washer, and robust wall cleaning system.

To get the most out of your XTreme Power® HSC 14000 users can purchase carpet, pressure and upholstery wands for the ability to gain the full functionality of each feature. However, as with all of Daimer’s floor cleaners, the HSC 14000 comes standard with powerful accessories. These include the 12” squeegee wand with four internal jets and the 19” motorized spinner. For more versatility, users can purchase an 18” squeegee wand with six internal jets!

Unlike other floor cleaners that lose a great deal of pressure because they do not contain the water directly under the spinner head, the motorized spinner head with the rubber guard is capable of truly achieving a pump pressure of 1500 psi; and this pressure is fully adjustable, which adds to the machine’s flexibility for the user.

While many other floor machines have limited cleaning power, the XTreme Power® HSC 14000 can support high inlet temperatures up to 210 ºF for greatly heightened cleaning power. In addition to this, the HSC 14000 floor cleaner is powered by two powerful 2-stage motors. These provide the machine with a water lift of 150 inches and airflow of 200 cfm. This combined with the large capacity 15 gallon recovery tank removes the risk for re-soiling due to runoff. Instead, the HSC 14000 powerfully suctions up dirt-laden water. By doing so, dirt is contained rather than dispersed on already cleaning hard surfaces. Additionally, the HSC 14000 has a 13 gallon solution tank.

Like all of Daimer’s floor cleaners, the XTreme Power® HSC 14000 is one of the most efficient, environmentally safe, and powerful hard surface cleaners in the industry. With the combined extraction, this unit is ideal for virtually any commercial or industrial application requiring the permanent removal of dirt, grease, oil, grime, food particles and other substances from hard surfaces. The HSC 14000 is capable of handling the most demanding cleaning applications on a variety of surfaces, including: concrete, brick, travertine, cement, tile and grout, unsealed and sealed floors, ceramic tile, driveways, pavers, parking lots and more.

XTreme Power HSC 13000A
The XTreme Power® HSC 13000A is a turbo force portable hard surface floor cleaner machine that combines Daimer’s unique acoustic extractor and the patented, revolutionary 9” motorized spinner. Using this powerful spinner head, the HSC 13000A spins at a rapid speed of 1000 rpm firing water at surfaces at an immense pressure of 1500 psi.

While other floor cleaners only reach a maximum pressure of 1200 psi, their power is greatly reduced when the water exits the machine and is not kept under the spinner. However, with Daimer’s rubber guard, the HSC 13000A successful and forcefully achieves a pressure of 1500 psi for immense hard surface cleaning. XTreme Power® HSC 13000A comes standard with two versatile wands: a 46” wand with 9” motorized spinner head and a 12” squeegee wand with four jets. For more power, customers can purchase an 18” wand with six jets.

The XTreme Power® HSC 13000 is one of Daimer’s powerful hard surface floor cleaners. This portable floor cleaner combines high speed spinner technology with 1500 psi pressure to create a forceful hard surface cleaner ideal for a variety of commercial applications. The HSC 13000 multi-surface cleaner can be used to clean VCT, tile, walls, vinyl floors, rubber floors, uneven floors, linoleum, concrete, driveways, marble, stone and more. The HSC 13000 has twice the power of other comparable floor cleaners in the industry with its strong pressure and unmatched motorized spinner technology. This hard surface cleaner has the ability to support up to 210ºF of inlet temperature, which can enhance the cleaning power of this already commanding machine.

The XTreme Power® HSC 13000 combines the power of several rugged machines in one: a commercial carpet extractor with an adjustable pressure up to 500 psi, an upholstery cleaner machine with adjustable pressure up to 500 psi, a robust pressure washer with a pressure of 1500 psi and flow rate of 2.2 GPM, a wall cleaning system with adjustable pressure up to 1500 psi, and the hard surface cleaning machine with spinner technology.

Other floor cleaners on the market can only reach a maximum pressure of 1200 psi. This results in slower cleaning and greater expense. These machines use 300% more water, which lowers the effective pressure. But Daimer offers the most powerful floor cleaners in the industry featuring a patented, breakthrough 9” motorized spinner head that rotates at an astounding speed of 1000 rpm and fires water at surfaces at a high pressure up to 1500 psi. Additionally, the exceptional rubber guard keeps the water directly underneath the spinner to prevent the excessive use of water

As one of Daimer’s high capacity floor cleaners, the XTreme Power® HSC 13000 features a 13 gallon solution tank and 15 gallon recovery tank. This capacity and the two 2-stage motors allow the HSC 13000 to accomplish continuous extraction eliminating runoff of dirt. Additionally this multi-surface floor cleaner features auto-fill and auto-dump capabilities, which can be turned off when not needed.

The XTreme Power® HSC 13000 can be used with the included 9” motorized spinner or 12” squeegee wand featuring four strong internal jets. These powerful floor cleaners can be purchased with optional carpet, upholstery and pressure washer wands for the ability to use these machines independently.
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