Thursday, March 1, 2012

Floor Cleaning Machines
Conventional floor cleaning machines don’t always deliver the best results when it comes to cleaning different kinds of hardwood flooring. Cleaning a hardwood floor involves more than simply wiping up dust and debris. Deep-seated stains and sedimentation need to be removed without damaging the surface in any way. Manually scrubbing a hardwood floor isn’t just tough on the back, it can be tough on the flooring as well, leaving behind scratches and dulling its shine. Harsh chemical cleaning agents can damage hardwood flooring, and they also run the risk of leaving behind noxious fumes and traces after cleaning. Steam cleaners offer a cleaning option that isn’t just effective, but much faster and more eco-friendly than conventional cleaning methods.

Steam it Away
Floor-cleaning machines that use the power of steam rely on superheated water to soften and dissolve a host of stains and deposits from hardwood floor surfaces. It is best to use a steam cleaning unit with a rectangular brush attachment as well as a microfiber towel attachment. The steam will work to soften and melt away dirt build-up. The brush will help to work away grime and other tougher kinds of deposits from the surface. The microfiber towel will quickly absorb the slurry as you clean so that the moisture does not sit on the surface for too long.

These steam floor cleaning machines don’t just clean floors, they sanitize them as well. There are units that come with a special technology called ATIS®, which eliminates more than 99 percent of harmful bacteria from the surface. Steam cleaning units from Daimer® also come in portable models, which allow the user to clean large stretches of flooring and clean hard-to-reach areas with ease.
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