Friday, July 16, 2010

Good Hard Surface Cleaners
Quality hard surface cleaners have to be versatile machines that can perform various types of cleaning jobs. There are limitations to what a pressure washer or an extractor can do about a tough hard surface cleaning task. A machine that combines the qualities and features of pressure washers and extractors is best suited for cleaning various types of hard surfaces.

Is There Such A Machine?
Daimer®, a pioneer of many innovations in the cleaning industry, offers a unique brand of hard surface cleaners. These machines can perform the functions of both pressure washers and carpet cleaners.

One distinctive example is XTreme Power® HSC 17200 heated hard surface cleaning machine. This system combines three machines in one: a pressure washer, a sludge extractor, and a robust motorized spinner. This enables operators to utilize the high pressure levels of a pressure washer, the commanding extraction capabilities of a sludge extractor, and the contained, powerful floor cleaning capabilities of the motorized spinner. The pressure washer and the sludge extractor can even be used independently for greater functionality.

The pressure washer provides an output pressure of 2000 psi, with a flow rate of 4 GPM. Like any sophisticated pressure washer, it can produce three types of output temperatures: cold water, hot water, and steam temperatures up to 330°F. In other words, this brand of hard surface cleaners can blast away almost all types of dirt from any hard surface.

In addition, this machine can extract the dirt too. It boasts a sludge extractor machine with a dumping capacity of 30 GPM. What makes this the best among hard surface cleaners is the presence of various spinner heads and cleaning wands. The default 19-inch spinner head is suitable for cleaning large areas, while the optional 9-inch spinner head is ideal for cleaning small areas.

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