Tuesday, October 4, 2011

hard floor cleaners
Many types of cleaning machines can be used as hard surface cleaners. If you conduct an Internet search about machines for cleaning hard surfaces, you will find a number of suggestions. You will find that practically all types of cleaning equipment are hard surface cleaning machines in some way. Or, the suppliers of the machine advertise so. How can one find the most suitable hard surface cleaners through a surplus of options available on the Internet?

Some Basic Facts
Despite the claims of various suppliers, not all cleaning machines are good hard surface cleaners. There are two main types of machines suitable for cleaning hard surfaces: pressure washers and steam cleaners.

Good hard surface cleaners should have a high output power. Output power stems either from output pressure or output temperature. Pressure washers have high output pressure, and steam cleaners offer high output temperature.

Pressure Washers or Steam Cleaners?
There is no absolute answer to this question to which machine, pressure washers or steam cleaners, is a better option as both are competent in specific applications. Pressure washers are ideal for cleaning tasks such as industrial degreasing, cleaning factory floors, and exterior auto detailing, and steam cleaners excel in eliminating germs and bacteria as well as gum removal. The final choice depends on the requirements of the buyer and the budget.

Pressure washers clean by pumping high pressure output that blasts away dirt and impurities from hard surfaces. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, melt or dissolve dirt and impurities.

The most important thing is not the type of machine, but the brand. Purchasing good-quality machines from a reliable distributor, such as Daimer®, is the wisest option. For more details about hard surface cleaners, visit www.daimer.com/hard-surface-cleaners/.
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