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Searching the internet will reveal a variety of hard surface cleaners, such as steam cleaners and pressure washers or specially designed hard surface spinning cleaning machines, for a variety of applications. Purchasing one of these machines without any knowledge can result in obtaining a machine not qualified for your cleaning applications. The following information below will help you understand the features and specifications of hard surface cleaners.

Choosing the Right Machine

Many people are unsure which hard surface cleaners are ideal for certain jobs. Faced with the wide variety of machine types on the market, it is important to select the right machine based on the applications being completed.

If you are looking to clean industrial flooring, a high powered hard surface cleaning machine like Daimer®'s XTreme Power® HSC 14000 is idea. This machine features a 19" motorized spinner head to eject water up to 220°F onto surfaces at a pressure level of 1500 psi. Simultaneous extraction results in efficient cleaning and easy cleanup.

Detailing vehicle exteriors and degreasing machinery are all jobs commonly completed with pressure washers. These machines ejected high pressure water onto surfaces to blast away residues. Factory floors can also be cleaned with pressure washer. However, it is important to note that these machines feature no extraction capabilities, thus sufficient drainage must be available.

Steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning vehicle interiors, windows and mirrors, and, when equipped with anti-bacterial technologies, eliminating germs and bacteria. There are a number of advanced models of hard surface cleaning machines available on the web from Daimer®, a reputable supplier of cleaning equipment.


Depending on the application, portable hard surface cleaners are recommended. Large cleaning jobs such as pressure washing building exteriors, sidewalks, and parking lots require the ability to move from area to area. Daimer® offers pressure washers in their Super Max™ line that can be mounted on either trucks, trailers or wheels for easily mobility.


Choosing a reputable brand will ensure your machine is constructed of top grade materials and will easily endure rugged cleaning applications. Daimer® offers an array of hard surface cleaners with a number of useful features for a variety of cleaning applications. More information about the products can be viewed on

Monday, October 25, 2010

High-quality hard surface cleaners are a great asset to any commercial or industrial institution. These machines can provide superior cleaning capabilities, from the anti-bacterial features of steam cleaners, to the degreasing power of pressure washers. Choosing the right machine for your cleaning needs can be difficult, especially if you do not understand the features and technologies.

Know Your Job Applications

Hard surface cleaners rely on a combination of different specifications for cleaning. Because of this, it is important to evaluate what applications the machine will be used for. Pressure washers in Daimer®’s Super Max™ series are generally used as hard surface cleaners for applications such as cleaning and blasting away graffiti and residues from sidewalks and building exteriors, along with degreasing.

Steam cleaners in the KleenJet line, on the other hand, are often used for dissolving and extracting dirt and other residues form a variety of surfaces, including countertops, appliances, toilets, tile and grout, and other hard surfaces where immense pressure levels and high powered output are not required.

Alternatively, hard surface spinning cleaning machines are also available. These machines are designed for high capacity floor cleaning in commercial and industrial facilities. Machines such as the XTreme Power® HSC-14000 feature a motorized spinner that rotates at a speed of 1500 RPM while emitting a pressure level of 1000 psi directed right onto the surface to ensure the best cleaning results. Simultaneous extraction results in complete elimination of stains and deposits. These machines are designed to clean up to 1000 sq. ft. per hour.

If you are unsure about which machine to choose, contact a reputable supplier, such as Daimer® and speak with a product consultant.

Choosing Right Product

It is extremely important to choose the right cleaning product. Using a machine not qualified for the job can damage the surface or not clean effectively as hoped. Quality hard surface cleaners from reputable suppliers, such as Daimer®, are constructed of top grade components to make sure the machine is durable and can handle tough cleaning applications.

Daimer® offers high-quality hard surface cleaners for virtually every need. For more details about cleaning machines offered by Daimer®, visit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pressure washers and steam cleaners are two different machines that both offer distinct, powerful benefits when used as hard surface cleaners. Each machine features different benefits for a variety of cleaning applications. Steam cleaners, for instance, are used for melting away tough dirt and grime from tile and kitchens. However, pressure washers can be used for auto detailing exteriors and maintaining factory floors. Both machines, however, must be constructed of high quality materials. Choosing machines from reputable suppliers, such as Daimer®, will ensure the machine is constructed of long lasting, quality materials for consistent, effective cleaning. The following is a brief overview of advantages and uses of each machine.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are highly capable hard surface cleaners designed for the cleaning hardwood floors, tile and grout, and kitchen countertops. The steam emitted from top machines, like those in Daimer®'s KleenJet® line, has a water content of about 5 percent. These machines have lower pressure levels than pressure washers, reaching up to 150 psi, but higher temperatures up to 386°F. This is useful for melting away tough stains. When paired with an attached vacuum, dissolved residues are simultaneously extracted for the greatest efficiency.

The most beneficial features of these hard surface cleaners offered by Daimer are ATIS® anti-bacterial technology and HEPA filtration. ATIS® technology can eliminate more than 99 percent of disease causing germs and bacteria on the surface. By including a HEPA filter with each machine, germs and dirt released into the air are captured within the filter. Machines such as the KleenJet® 1000CVP include both these features.

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are used heavily for industrial cleaning. These hard surface cleaners can effectively clean vehicle exteriors, remove grease from machinery, and eliminate stubborn stains from concrete and sidewalks. Pressure levels of these machines can reach up to 8000 psi. Many of Daimer’s pressure washers feature tri-mode capabilities, allowing for versatile cleaning. Such tri-mode, high pressure hard surface cleaners, as the Super Max™ 12860, can reach pressure levels of 3000 psi and steam temperatures of 330°F.

One of the many beneficial features of pressure washers offered by Daimer® is Daimer®’s AST® technology, found in many electric powered machines. This feature will automatically shut off the machine when there is no water output through the trigger gun for 30 seconds. The operator can turn the machine back on again by using the trigger gun.

Selecting hard surface cleaners from top distributors like Daimer® will ensure long lasting, effective cleaning. Visit to learn more.

Monday, October 18, 2010

hard surface cleaners
Hard surface cleaners are used to remove tough and deeply seated stains from both porous and non-porous hard surfaces. Tile, grout, marble and stone floorings, metal, concrete, and even rubber can be cleaned thoroughly with such heavy-duty cleaners.

The XTreme Power® HSC 13000 is a durable hard surface cleaner from Daimer and can be used for a wide range of applications. These portable hard surfaces cleaners are equipped with high-speed spinner technology and offer a pressure level adjustable up to 1500 psi. Although this machine contains no heating elements, water up to 210°F can be placed in the cleaning tank. These cleaners can be used to clean surfaces such as concrete, marble, driveways, vinyl and rubber floorings, as well as tile and grout.

The XTreme Power® HSC 13000 has adjustable pressure levels, allowing the operator to choose which setting is suitable for the cleaning application at hand. The machine also has a patented 9 inch motorized spinner head that cleans hard surfaces, as it spins at a speed of 1000 rpm and releases water at a pressure level of up to 1500 psi.

This heavy-duty performer also features a 13 gallon solution tank and a 15 gallon recovery tank, allowing use over a longer period of time than machines with smaller tanks. A 12² squeegee wand is also provided with the machine for advanced cleaning of tile and glass surfaces. Daimer® also recommends using an environmentally friendly cleaning solution, such as the Eco-Green® Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner offered by Daimer®, as a safe alternative to toxic chemicals.

Visit to read more about hard surface cleaners and many other powerful cleaning machines.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

hard surface cleaners
If you are looking for hard surface cleaners to keep your office and factory floors clean, then there are many options available. Daimer®, a top supplier of the largest variety of quality cleaners, brings you one of the most effective and versatile cleaning machines: the XTreme Power® HSC-13000.

The HSC-13000 is one of the best commercial hard surface cleaners that can perform multiple cleaning tasks such as cleaning tile and grout, marble and stone surfaces, stripping wax deposits on vinyl floor tiles, cleaning rubber floors, and most other flat, hard surfaces that require cleaning.

The spinner rotates at a speed of 1000 rpm while firing water at 1500 psi onto the surface. The dirt and grime released is continuously extracted along with the residue so water runoff is minimized. The dislodged dirt does not spread over the surface, but is safely suctioned up and deposited in the extraction chamber. The XTreme Power® HSC-13000 is one of the best hard surface cleaners available on the market for cleaning floors because of its advanced technology and ability to tackle dirt off most hard surfaces with ease.

The 9 inch spinning head can be removed from the wand and applied to walls for cleaning dirt and grime in bathrooms and kitchens. Daimer® also includes a squeegee head for cleaning tile and wood flooring. To clean floors in larger facilities, Daimer® offers an additional 19" motorized spinner.

Visit for more information on the best hard surface cleaners for your residential and office floors and walls.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Selecting the best hard surface cleaners depends on the cleaning task to be completed. Each cleaning application requires a machine with different features and specifications. A quick search on the internet will reveal a number of machines available for use. However, choosing the best hard surface cleaners for the job may be difficult if you do not understand which machine to choose.

Steam Cleaners or Pressure Washers?

There are no universal hard surface cleaners ideal for all cleaning applications. However, certain machines are best used for specific cleaning jobs. For instance, steam cleaners provide very high cleaning temperatures up to 386°F. These machines are great for cleaning kitchen machines, sinks, and toilets, as high temperature dissolves tough deposits.

Pressure washers, on the other hand, provide much higher pressure levels reaching up to 8000 psi and temperature levels reaching as high as 330°F. They are often used for cleaning larger areas and machinery, as well as more difficult stains on floors, walls, and other areas. Pressure washers work by emitting water at high pressure levels to blast away grease and other heavy deposits. These machines are ideal for commercial and industrial applications that require a powerful cleaning force on durable surfaces that can withstand the demands of high pressure levels and temperature levels.

Each machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, steam cleaners use less water than pressure washers, making them more ideal for indoor use where drainage is not available. They also feature technologies, such as Daimer®’s ATIS® anti-bacterial technology, and attached vacuums for cleaning up liquid residue, useful for places such as hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. Pressure washers, on the other hand, are powerful enough to remove grease. Higher pressure levels mean difficult stains are blasted away as opposed to melted.

In short, the best hard surface cleaners differ from application to application. What is best for one customer may not be the best for others. Customers have to select their own hard surface cleaners best suited for their cleaning requirements.

Whatever the requirements, opt for machines from well-known suppliers. Daimer®, a top notch supplier of cleaning products, offers some of the best hard surface cleaners available. For more details, visit www.daimer.

Monday, October 11, 2010

hard surface cleaners
Searching the internet for hard surface cleaners will return a large number of results. The abundance of options might confuse someone trying to purchase the right machine for their cleaning needs. Here are some of the common mistakes people make when buying hard surface cleaners.

All Purpose Machines

Purchasing an all purpose machine said to be ideal for cleaning all surfaces will most likely not clean as effectively as a specialized machine for a specific purpose. Among the most popular hard surface cleaners are pressure washers and steam cleaners. While both machines are suitable for cleaning hard surfaces, they are used for different cleaning applications. Pressure washers are used for degreasing applications and tough, difficult applications in outdoor areas or inside where there is adequate drainage. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, can have anti-bacterial capabilities for sanitizing and melting away dirt and grime from bathrooms, kitchens, and more, but cannot handle tough grease.

Think Long Term

Hard surface cleaners have to be sturdy machines that can withstand the rigors of cleaning tough surfaces. The body of these machines needs to be made of high quality stainless steel or powder coated steel to help prevent chipping, stains, and other damage. Stainless steel parts, such as boilers of steam cleaners or the heating coils of pressure washers, are designed to last much longer than cheaply made aluminum ones.

If you opt for cheaply made machines, there is a high possibility the machine will break down quicker and will require more frequent fixing. Choosing reputable machines from companies such as Daimer® will ensure you purchase a quality machine built to last.

Daimer®, a reputable supplier of cleaning machines, offers excellent hard surface cleaners. For more information about these products, visit

Monday, October 4, 2010

The two main types of hard surface cleaners include steam cleaners and pressure washers. These products, although used for different cleaning applications, both have their benefits and disadvantages. Read the following overview of pressure washers and steam cleaners for a detailed look at these machines.

Pressure Washers
Pressure washers offer extremely high pressure levels, often up to 8000 psi. These hard surface cleaners use high pressure levels and temperature levels to blast away impurities from hard surfaces. Daimer®, a renowned supplier of cleaning equipment, offers a number of pressure washers in their Super Max™ series. Such machines are ideal for applications ranging from light commercial cleaning to heavy duty industrial degreasing.

The other important specifications of a pressure washer are output temperature and flow rate. Daimer®’s tri-mode machines, such as the Super Max™ 12220, can be used as cold water, hot water, and steam pressure washers. While hot water temperatures can reach up to 210°F, steam temperatures can reach as high as 330°F. The 12220 features a flow rate of 4 GPM. Daimer® also offers numerous technologies for these hard surface cleaners, including Automatic Shut-off Technology™, which allows the operator to toggle the on and off switch through the trigger gun, and Long Hose Technology, which allows the operator to reach up to 300 feet away without moving the machine.

Steam Cleaners
Steam cleaners are used as hard surface cleaners, as well. However, they do not blast away dirt and cannot remove grease like pressure washers. Steam cleaners work by using high temperatures, up to 386°F, to loosen the bond between dirt and the surface, melting away the stain. Daimer® offers many technologies for these machines as well, including ATIS® anti-bacterial technology, attached vacuums, and HEPA filters.

Daimer®, a reputable distributor of cleaning machines, offers pressure washers and steam cleaners that you can use as hard surface cleaners. For product description and price details of these machines, visit
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