Monday, March 22, 2010

Indispensable Hard Surface Cleaners
Steam cleaners are useful machines for spot cleaning carpets and upholstery and cleaning hard surfaces. Investing in these machines rather than carpet extractors is a good idea if the job only involves removing spots or stains. Carpet cleaners can be used for cleaning entire carpeted areas and upholstered surfaces. However, there is a gap between these two machines - cleaning large areas of hard floors. Hard surface cleaners by Daimer® are designed to fill this gap.

Hard surface cleaners work using a combination of water spray, mechanized scrubbing, and vacuum extraction. The motorized spinner provides the scrubbing, rotating at 1,000 rpm and using water sprayed at pressure levels of 1500 to 3000 psi to dislocate grime from hard surfaces. Then, the extractor removes the grime and water from the surface. This basic cleaning operation can be made even more effective through the use of right accessories and features, such as heat. Daimer's latest XTreme Power® heated hard surface cleaners combine a sludge extractor, Super Max pressure washer, and a 9" or 19" motorized spinner head to quickly clean floor surfaces. The additional use of heat increases both the speed and efficiency of these machines.

Daimer’s hard surface cleaners have many advantages over other brands. First, the spinner is powered by electricity, whereas other machines merely harness the pressure of water to rotate the mechanism. This results in a drastically reduced pressure level reaching the floor surface. Second, you can utilize a variety of temperature levels from basic room temperature to hot water and steam, as well as various pressure levels depending on the model selected. This makes hard surface cleaners some of the most versatile cleaning equipment for commercial areas.

Daimer®’s machines also have parts and accessories to make the cleaning process easier. For example, the spinner is available both 9 inch and 19 inch sizes. This is ideal for cleaning small or large areas, respectively. You can also use squeegee wands for snug spaces where spinners will not reach, such as a corner formed by two walls. Find out more about the applications of hard surface cleaners on

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