Friday, June 18, 2010

While a pressure washer can clean a number of hard surfaces, they are not always the most ideal hard surface cleaners for cleaning floors. The amount of water used by pressure washers may make it difficult to clean certain areas, such as rooms and hallways indoors. Additionally, the power of the pressurized spray is not contained beneath the machine to be directed onto the floor, as it is with specialized hard surface cleaning machines. The following are some tips for selecting the best hard surface cleaners ideal for your floor cleaning tasks.

Get the Right Combination

A pressure washer equipped with a sludge extractor and a motorized spinning system can remove dirt and impurities from hard surfaces quickly and effectively. These three components are essential. The pressure washer drives the machine's pressurized output. The motorized spinner contains water beneath the spinner head to direct the pressurized spray onto the floor. And, the sludge extractor extracts water and residues while cleaning for optimal results without leaving floor surfaces soaked.

Choose the Right Spinning System

The spinning system of hard surface cleaners should be motorized. If the spinning heads rotate without the aid of a motor, their power will be derived from the pressure levels of the machine, in turn decreasing its cleaning power. However, a motorized spinner turns the spinner blade itself, ensuring the full force of the system reaches the surface to be cleaned.

Effective Pressure Level

Non-motorized spinning heads draw force from the output of the machine. As a result, the effective output power of such machines is much less than what is stated in the specifications. For example, if the output power of a machine is 1200 psi, part of that power is used for rotating the spinning heads, so the effective output pressure is only around 700 psi. However, in hard surface cleaners with motorized spinning heads, the whole output pressure level is used for cleaning purposes. Selecting the right pressure level depends on the type of floor cleaning applications you face.

Choose the Right Machine

Finally, choosing the right machine is the most important factor. Daimer®, a premier distributor of cleaning products, offers specialized hard surface cleaners, such as the XTtreme Power® HSC 17300. These machines combine three systems in one for effective cleaning of floors and other hard surfaces. With motorized spinner heads of 9" and 19" diameters, customers can choose the right system for the specific applications they face. For further details, visit

Monday, June 7, 2010

Investing in cleaning equipment takes up a huge share of business expenses if you are setting up a new janitorial or cleaning services business. Different job applications require the use of different machines, which can cost large amounts of money.Fortunately, there are machines available that can multi-task. Besides saving money, these hard surface cleaners would take up less storage space, be easier to transport, and can be used by a single operator.

Hard surface cleaners such as the XTreme Power® HSC 17500 GE can be used for cleaning floors, walls, sludge deposits, and for routine pressure washing requirements, as one single machine combines a hard surface cleaner, pressure washer, and sludge extractor.

The 19-inch spinner is powered by electricity, a feature unique to Daimer hard surface cleaners. The XTreme Power® HSC 17500 GE is powered by gas. These machines also boast a tri-mode pressure washer which provides the advanced cleaning power. When used alone, this pressure cleaner can be used in cold water, hot water, and steam modes. They have pressure levels as high as 3000 psi and flow rates of 5 GPM; therefore, these versatile hard surface cleaners can remove grease, oil, chewing gum, food stains, and many other types of dirt. Auto fill and auto dump features facilitate continuous operation. Visit to know more about the applications of hard surface cleaners.

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