Tuesday, January 25, 2011

16300 Heated Floor Cleaners
Hard surface cleaners come in varying models to suit a range of cleaning needs. Some systems are ideal for commercial cleaning on a relatively small scale. Other machines, however, are suited for tougher cleaning jobs within industrial settings. These hard surface cleaners are not just durable cleaning machines, they are also extremely versatile. Daimer® understands the needs for versatility and has introduced a number of hard surface cleaners, such as the XTreme Power® HSC 16300.

The XTreme Power® HSC 16300 can do the work of four different cleaning machines. As a hard surface cleaner, it can be used on different types of surfaces such as tile and sealed wood. Because it is heated, it can tackle tough, stubborn stains easily. An optional 19" spinner is available for cleaning larger areas. These hard surface cleaners can also be used as steam pressure washers. The machine features temperature levels of 330°F and pressure levels of 3000 psi along with water flow rates of 5 GPM. The XTreme Power® HSC 16300 also functions as a wall cleaning system.

These hard surface cleaners can also be used as sludge extractors, with a dumping capacity of 30 GPM. Instead of buying four different machines, you can invest in a single system that effectively performs all four tasks. It is ideal for industrial areas and even large commercial areas, such as resorts, hotels, and factories. To get more information about this particular machine, check out www.daimer.com.

Friday, January 21, 2011

XTREME POWER HSC 16500 GE Gas-Powered Pressure Washer
Hard surface cleaners, such as Daimer®’s XTreme Power® HSC 16500 GE, have many roles. The 16500 GE is a pressure washer, sludge extractor, and hard surface cleaner combined. It cleans floors and hard surfaces, and includes a pressure washer for cleaning walls, concrete, sidewalks, tiles, marble, granite, wood, and more. It also suctions out sludge, such as mud, sewage, and chemical effluents.

The XTreme Power® HSC 16500 GE is one of Daimer®’s powerful hard surface cleaners. This machine has pressure levels of 3000 psi, and flow rates of 5 GPM. The machine heats water to as high as 330°F. It has a sludge extraction capacity as high as 30 GPM.

Daimer’s hard surface cleaners remove dirt, grease, varnish, wax, and emulsions from hard surfaces. The spinners are available in two sizes for large and small surfaces. The spinner that comes standard with the 16500 GE is 9 inches in diameter to tackle smaller surface areas and harder to reach spaces. A 19" spinner head is also available. What sets Daimer®’s machines apart from other hard surface cleaners is that the spinners on Daimer®’s machines are motorized. This makes the cleaning process more effective. Because this machine runs on gasoline, it is easy portable to many outdoor areas. Daimer® offers pressure nozzles of varying spray patterns for covering different types of surfaces.

The XTreme Power® 16500 GE is constructed from quality materials to ensure maximum efficiency. The housing is steel powder coated to help prevent chemical erosion and chips. Additional features such as continuous water feed allows the operator to hook up a hose directly to the machine. Learn more about these versatile, multipurpose machines on www.daimer.com.
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