Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hard Surface Cleaner Machine
While there are a number of hard surface cleaners available on the market today, only those constructed from high quality products are built to last. Machines constructed from durable materials can withstand high pressure levels and heat associated with constant running of the machine.

Of the many types of hard surface cleaners, two types stand out: steam cleaners and pressure washers. These machines are used mainly for commercial and industrial use.

Steam Cleaners

The most notable feature of steam cleaners is their high output temperature, which can range up to 386°F, depending upon the model. These hard surface cleaners eject high temperature output onto hard surfaces, melting stains and dirt present on the surface. In addition, machines such as Daimer®;’s KleenJet 3000CVGP include useful features such as a gum removal kit, ATIS®; anti-bacterial technology, and an attached vacuum for simultaneous removal of softened residues. Using these machines along with an eco-friendly chemical from Daimer®;’s Eco-Green®; line allow for additional cleaning power without harming the environment.

Pressure Washers

Most noted for their high pressure levels, pressure washers are powerful hard surface cleaners. At their highest, pressure washers can reach a pressure level of 8000 psi and flow rates of 9 GPM.

Daimer®; offers pressure washers with a number of different features. Among their most popular are tri-mode machines. These pressure washers offer cold water, hot water, and steam temperature output up to 330°F for a wide range of demanding cleaning applications. Among other features are Daimer®;’s Long Hose Technology, that allows operators to reach applications up to 3 feet from the base unit, and Automatic Shut-Off Technology™ which turns the machine off automatically when the trigger gun is not in use for a certain amount of time.

Daimer®;, a reputable supplier of cleaning products, provides excellent hard surface cleaners suitable for your cleaning needs. For more information about these machines, visit

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hard surface cleaners offer exceptional cleaning power for many types of porous or non-porous hard surfaces. The best hard surface cleaners can clean such surfaces as tile, grout, stone, metal, granite, marble, vinyl, brick, concrete, and rubber.

Always select robust, powerful hard surface cleaners for commercial use. These machines are easy to operate and last longer under stressful operating conditions. They generally feature high temperature levels, high pressure levels, and moderate flow rates. There should be different spinner brushes available for better cleaning of certain areas.

The XTreme Power HSC® 16800 is one of Daimer’s most powerful hard surface cleaners. This machine features pressure levels of 1000 psi, a flow rate of 2 GPM, and hard surface cleaning temperatures of up to 210°F. While a 9-inch spinner brush comes standard with the machine, additional accessories, such as a 19-inch spinner brush and a squeegee wand, make various cleaning applications easier and quicker.

This machine is actually multiple systems in one, making it one of the most valuable cleaning machines in your arsenal. It pairs a hard surface spinner with a tri-mode pressure washer, sludge extractor, and wall cleaning system. The pressure washer can operate independently using cold water, hot water, or wet steam at temperatures up to 330°F for virtually any pressure washing application. The industrial sludge extractor may also be used independently for water damage restoration and other sludge removal applications. It is ideal for post-flood restoration work, as well as cleaning floors and walls on a commercial scale.

At, you can find more information about different types of Daimer® hard surface cleaners and their uses.
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