Monday, February 8, 2010

Hard Surface Cleaners
Many commercial and industrial areas find that they need to invest in hard surface cleaners to tackle a range of cleaning jobs. However, when faced with the task of cleaning a large area, it can be difficult to drag along multiple cleaning machines. Apart from the user inconvenience, it can be an expensive affair to invest in a number of different machines. Luckily, Daimer® offers hard surface cleaners that can handle more than one task.

The XTreme Power® HSC 17880 from Daimer® is one example of a machine that does multiple cleaning tasks. In fact, this model can handle four of the toughest cleaning jobs around, making it an incredibly versatile and powerful cleaning machine. The combination of all included systems works effectively as a heated hard surface cleaner for a range of different surfaces. The system can be purchased with different sized spinners to clean smaller, indoor areas. This model also features an effective tri-mode pressure washing machine, with pressure levels of 3000 psi, flow rates of 5 GPM, and cold water/hot water/steam output capabilities.

In addition, these hard surface cleaners can be used as a wall cleaning system by utilizing the optional squeegee or 9" spinner. The HSC 17880 can also be used for commercial sludge extraction in water damage restoration with the use of the included XTreme Power® 11500SE sludge extractor.

When faced with a heavy cleaning task that involves cleaning walls, hard floors, sludge removal and powerful cleaning, investing in this single system will provide you with all the cleaning power needed. You can learn more about the specifications of these hard surface cleaners by visiting
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