Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tile cleaning of swimming pools goes a long way in ensuring the hygiene of a pool. Algae and mildew grow on the pool walls and can come into contact with water. The growth is higher at the area where the water line ends.

Available Methods

There are two main methods for tile cleaning of swimming pools:

1. Chemical cleaning
2. Steam cleaning

The first method involves using chemicals for cleaning the pool. The chemicals react with and eliminate the microorganisms and other substances. The problem with this method is that the chemical residues might mix with water and cause skin diseases or other health issues to swimmers.

That is one of the many reasons why steam cleaning is favored by many people. Steam cleaning always results in a better tile cleaning. However, it needs to be performed with the right machine and in adherence with the right procedure.

The following are some tips to buy the right machine for tile cleaning.

Anti-bacterial Technology

All steam cleaners can be used as swimming pool tile cleaners. These machines clean by emitting hot steam onto the surfaces, dissolving the dirt deposits easily.

Specially-designed swimming pool tile cleaners, equipped with anti-bacterial technologies, have the capability to deal with almost all types of commonly occurring disease-causing microorganisms.

Quality Equipment

You must ensure that the machine is made of good quality material. Heavy-gauge stainless steel housing is recommended for tile cleaning machines. Heating elements and boiler made of stainless steel help to fight wear and tear better.
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