Friday, March 13, 2009

Floor Cleaning Machines
One theme that is carried throughout many of Daimer®’s cleaning machines is versatility. Some of Daimer®’s most versatile machines are actually the heated hard surface cleaners, as they are actually several machines in one. The XTreme Power ® HSC 17200 is one of Daimer®’s unique heated hard surface cleaners featuring a 19” motorized spinner head for the effective cleaning of larger areas.

The XTreme Power ® HSC 17200 hard surface cleaners are actually comprised of several different machines: the Super Max ® 12200 powerful pressure washer with a flow rate of 4 GPM and pressure of 2000 psi, the XTreme Power ® 11500SE sludge extractor, and the 19” motorized spinner head. The result is one powerful and versatile machine for outdoor hard surface cleaning.

Additionally, the most versatile aspect of these hard surface cleaners lie within their designated applications. The HSC 17200 hard surface cleaners can be used as heated hard surface spinner cleaning machines. With this application, they can reach up to 220 ºF of high temperature cleaning power. A 3’ trigger wand is included to use the functionality of the triple-function pressure washer. In fact, users can choose between hot water, cold water, and steam functions as needed. With an optional squeegee wand, users can turn these heated hard surface cleaners into robust commercial wall cleaning systems. And lastly, with 30 GPM of extraction, the sludge extractor included with these hard surface cleaners offers powerful water damage restoration capabilities.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

As Daimer®'s most powerful porous tile floor hard surface cleaners, the XTreme Power ® XPH-5815H offers an astounding pump pressure of 150 psi. This high pressure combined with the versatile 12” four-jet squeegee wand makes the XPH-5815 hard surface cleaners ideal for both home and commercial applications. Users have the option to purchase additional wands for greater functionality. These include a 10” single jet carpet wand, upholstery wand, and stair wand for the cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and stairs, respectively.

The commanding 2-stage motor powering these porous tile floor hard surface cleaners allow these machines to reach high operating temperatures up to 150 ºF in only 15 minutes! Adding to its power, the XTreme Power ® XPH-5815 features a 100” water lift and 100 cfm air flow to achieve powerful cleaning and simultaneous extraction of dirt, grease, grime, and more from porous tile surfaces.

Some of the porous tile surfaces these hard surface cleaners can be used on include limestone, granite, natural stone, travertine, brick, unglazed ceramic tile, concrete, terra cotta, and many more. Users should note that these robust hard surface cleaners are not designed to be used in grout lines.

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