Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The XTreme Power HSC ® 16300
When looking for hard surface cleaners for industrial use, there are a few things you . keep in mind. One is that hard surfaces in commercial and industrial areas are subject to tougher dirt deposits and sedimentation; this means that your hard surface cleaners must be strong enough to root out even stubborn and hardened stains. Secondly, these machines should be able to perform more than one function. The XTreme Power HSC® 16300 from Daimer® is such a cleaning machine - in fact, it is several cleaning units all rolled into one.

The XTreme Power HSC® 16300 is a hard surface spinning cleaning machine that uses the extra cleaning power of heat. In fact, it offers heated temperatures of up to 220ยบ F. The machine comes with a special 9” spinner head attachment. For tackling larger areas, a 19” head is also available. These hard surface cleaners can tackle a variety of different surfaces, even porous ones like brick and grout. What’s more, the uses of these hard surface cleaners don’t end there.

The Daimer® XTreme Power HSC® 16300 can also be used as a steam, hot water, or cold water pressure washer and offers pressure levels of around 3000 psi and flow rates of up to 5 GPM. These hard surface cleaners can also be used as a wall cleaning systems and as sludge extractors, since they are capable of a flow rate of around 30 GPM for water damage restoration use. More information about Daimer® cleaning products an be found at
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