Friday, September 25, 2009

hard surface cleaners
Handy, portable, and durable floor hard surface cleaners are not very common in the cleaning industry. Most of the devices available on the market today are actually pressure washers with some minor adjustments. While these devices do not pose any problem for cleaning most hard surfaces, they may not be suitable for softer surfaces, as the pressure and flow rate are too high.

The solution is the XTreme Power® HSC 14000, a multi-purpose hard surface cleaner that can clean virtually all floors in any commercial and industrial environment. These hard surface cleaners are yet another innovative product from Daimer®, a prominent distributor of cleaning equipment that has carved out a niche for marketing innovative products.

With a pressure level of 1500 psi, the HSC 14000 can powerfully remove hardened deposits on hard surfaces. But, what makes these hard surface cleaners unique is their use of a patented motorized spinner. Other hard surface cleaners use water pressure to turn the spinner head. This reduces the water pressure actually reaching the hard surface by approximately 500 psi. However, with Daimer’s motorized spinner head, there is no loss in water pressure. Additionally, a rubberized guard ensures that water stays directly under the spinner. And, at 19”, the motorized spinner is great for cleaning large areas. A 9” spinner can be purchased as an additional option, suitable for cleaning smaller areas.

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