Friday, May 17, 2013

Tile Floor Cleaner
Tile floor cleaner machines are widely used by cleaning professionals the world over to manage the challenging job of maintaining tile and grout floors. Being highly durable and aesthetically appealing, tiles are the choice for floors in most residences and high traffic commercial areas, such as malls, restaurants, retail stores, schools, and hospitals. Choosing powerful and technologically-advanced versions of tile cleaning systems helps simplify cleaning applications and enhance the end results.

To ensure excellent cleaning results, tile floor cleaner systems must be capable of generating steam at exceptionally high temperatures. The super-hot steam helps dissolve tough deposits of dirt and grease on tile and grout, thereby saving users from the additional effort of scrubbing. It would also be a good idea to choose tile floor cleaner machines with high pressure levels to maximize the cleaning power.

Routine and heavy-duty cleaning applications in commercial environments demand the use of tile floor cleaner machines that score high in terms of durability. For this reason, the best floor steam cleaning systems available from leading suppliers come with rugged construction and high-quality components. Cleaning experts recommend purchasing tile cleaners featuring stainless steel housing and other heavy-gauge components.

The KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S from Daimer® is a canister-based, tile floor cleaner designed to cater to the demanding applications in homes and commercial settings. To help dissolve dried deposits and stains, the machine generates temperatures as high as 310ºF and pressure levels up to 75 psi. The steamer features stainless steel housing, boiler and assorted attachments to ensure the best of durability and versatility. Visit to check out the latest versions of tile cleaner machines.
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