Friday, May 10, 2013

Tile and Grout Cleanings
How do you go about tile and grout cleaning so as to conserve water and use minimal detergent while achieving spotless tiles and clean grout lines? The best answer is to use a dry vapor cleaner for tile and grout cleaning. This is a machine that is highly water efficient, as it uses dry steam containing just 5% moisture. The power of the machine lies in the hot steam that it generates. Heat softens grease and sugars, and is also useful in removing many other types of grime. Heat eliminates mold and removes soap scum and scales from tiles and sinks. Therefore, you should use a dry vapor cleaner with high temperatures of around 364 degree Fahrenheit to achieve effective tile and grout cleaning.

Due to the use of minimal water, the process of cleaning tiles using a tile and grout cleaning machine is very eco-friendly. If the tile and grout are not very dirty, you do not have to use a detergent either. Just bare steam is sufficient for cleaning tiles and grout when they are not too grimy. However, if the tiles are dirty, stained, or greasy, you may need to use a detergent, but even a small amount of detergent goes a long way in cleaning tiles because the power of steam is already at work, softening grime, dissolving grease, and making it easier for the user to eliminate dirt from these surfaces.

Many machines used for tile and grout cleaning are additionally fitted with chewing gum removal kits which help in the quick removal of discarded chewing gum. These floor steam cleaner machines are used for the removal of gum from sidewalks, floors, corridors, and similar surfaces in commercial areas.
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