Monday, November 8, 2010

Hard Surface Cleaners
The major hard surface cleaners used at present are pressure washers, hard surface floor cleaners, and steam cleaners. Pressure washers generate high pressure levels up to 8000 psi and are often used for applications ranging from auto detailing to industrial degreasing. Steam cleaners, on the other hand, reach temperatures up to 386°F and are capable of eliminating germs and bacteria when equipped anti-bacterial technologies, among other hard surface cleaning applications. Hard surface floor cleaners offer a powerful spinner head for cleaning floors within schools, offices, and other places.

Because of the demanding applications these machines often face, hard surface cleaners are subject to rough use. When not taken care of properly or constructed from quality materials, the machine can fail. The following are some tips to prolong the life of hard surface cleaners.

Choose Strong Machines

When selecting a machine, you must ensure that the housing and parts of the machine are made of strong and sturdy materials. The body of the machine should be made of high quality stainless steel or powder coated steel, which can withstand the exposure of powerful output of the machines. Similarly, other parts of hard surface cleaners, such as hoses, should be made of quality materials.

Get the Right Technologies

The technologies used in hard surface cleaners can ensure the long life of these machines. For example, consider AST® technology offered by Daimer®. Such machines as the Super Max™ 12200 AST feature Automatic Shut-Off Technology™. This technology helps to reduce the wear and tear of the machine by automatically shutting it off when not in use for more than 30 seconds. For more details about the technologies offered with hard surface cleaners, visit
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